A Facelift Without Any Cutting?

Thinking about a facelift but afraid to go under the knife? There may be an answer for you with a new procedure called Ulthera.



What makes Ulthera different from other techniques is that it uses focused ultrasound to lift and tighten sagging skin. It heats the layer of fat under the skin and in the weeks following the procedure, that fat starts to heal and produce collagen.

“So it’s like shrink wrap, everything becomes more firm and may actually contract a little bit,” Dr. Goldman said

If you want to look younger, but you don’t want to go under the knife, there’s some new technology in town that may be for you.

It’s a cosmetic procedure called “Ultherapy” and a Beachwood plastic surgeon, Dr. Steve Goldman, is the first doctor in Northeast Ohio to have it and have his staff trained on it.

But Dr. Goldman is not giving it the hard sell–not yet. Though the data on Ulthera is positive, it’s not enough, he said.

“Until I use it on my patients in my office, I don’t really know how well it works,” he said.

 Credits: Look younger with a facelift that requires no surgery

There may be other alternatives on the horizon also. For more information please see http://www.jasonsolomonmd.com/ for more information on cosmetic surgery in the Sacramento CA area.


Famous people treated at the Cleveland Clinic

oprah Cleveland Clinic
Photo by nayrb7

The Cleveland Clinic is famous for its excellent services. It has gained its perfect reputation due to the team of specialists with the best qualifications and outcomes in the U.S. The usage only of the latest innovative technologies, proven methods and medications attract thousands of people every year who are willing to have a good treatment. Reputable and famous people are not rare case if speaking about treatment in the Cleveland Clinic.

The list of famous people treated at the Cleveland Clinic is as follows:

  • Oprah Winfrey — an outstanding television host in U.S. On February 14, in 2014 Oprah twitted that she had received a yearly stress test at Cleveland Clinic;

  • Liza Minnelli — famous American singer, actress, dancer, and Oscar-winner was treated at the Cleveland Clinic because of brain infection. The entertainer was suffering from viral encephalitis, which is fatal disease in many cases. Fortunately, the treatment gave positive results and Liza Minnelli recovered;

  • Leaders of Arab world prefer Cleveland Clinic. The first royal patient was the late King Khalid who suffered a serious heart attack and underwent bypass surgery for this reason. Nayef — Saudi crown prince arrived at the Cleveland Clinic for taking usual tests. The former president of United Arab Emirates, the late King Hussein of Jordan, was also a patient of the clinic;

  • LeBron James — professional NBA player had surgery for benign growth removal at the Cleveland Clinic. The operation was successful and no further treatment was needed;

  • Robin Williams — the late Oscar-winning actor and comedian had heart surgery in 2009. Famous actor thanked all doctors of Cleveland Clinic for taking necessary care of him;

  • Don King — well-known boxing promoter, was taken into the clinic after “face-smashing” injury in a hotel. The promoter of Mike Tyson underwent extensive surgery;

  • Omar Suleiman — former Egyptian spy chief was also among famous people treated at the Cleveland Clinic;

  • Walter Mercado — famous Puerto Rico astrologer;

  • Bhutan and Nepal royal families;

  • William Randolph Hearts — an American well—known publisher, who is famous for building the largest chain of newspapers in U.S. He was the media magnate who influenced greatly American journalism;

  • Bob Dole — a candidate to the president, representatives of the Republicans, had aneurysm in his main blood vessel — aorta. Bob Dole underwent experimental surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. He was successfully operated by a team of three surgeons;

  • Kemal Unakitan — former finance minister in Turkey had a heart surgery in 2009. He was operated by a Turkish Dr. Murat Tuzcu, the leader of Cleveland Clinic’s team of physicians;

  • Silvio Berlusconi — former Prime Minister of Italy had a heart surgery. Berlusconi had problems with correct heart beat and decided to cure them at the Cleveland Clinic. According to Italian newspaper, he got that advice from George Bush;

  • Prince of Wales — Charles;

  • Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan — the late president of United Arab Emirates;
  • Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Kuwait emir;
  • Chuck Hayes — American NBA player had several heart tests at Cleveland Clinic. No heart problems were found by doctors;
  • Jack Nicklaus also known as “The Golden Bear”, is am extremely popular professional golf player;

  • Joost van der Westhuizen —a reputable South Africa former player of rugby. South Africa neurologists diagnosed him with motor neurone disease, and Joost van der Westhuizen decided to apply to Cleveland Clinic specialists in order to confirm or reject this diagnosis. It was confirmed;

  • Andrew Magee — golf play professional. The doctors of Cleveland Clinic removed cancerous tumour from Andree Magee’s left kidney by means of surgery. The procedure was successful and soon he continued taking part in golf tour;

  • President of Guinea Ahmed Sekou Toure;

  • Andrei Markov;

  • Jerry Falwell;

  • Scott Hamilton, figure skater famous for winning Olympic Gold Medal in 1984;

  • Evander Holyfield;

  • Malcolm Glazer;

  • Albert Sabin;

  • Bill Parcels;

  • Jon Corzine.

The list of famous people treated at the Cleveland Clinic is going to be wider and wider every year. This can be proved by the fact that the reputation and popularity of the clinic has a tendency to become only better with flow of time.

What Is Functional Medicine You Ask?


There has long been those who feel that getting to the cause of a problem and dealing with it, is the best way to solve the problem. Medicine and healthcare is no different.

However, western medicine, especially in the US has actually developed into more of a health (some would say sickness) management model of delivery. There doesn’t seem to be a big push to actually prevent or cure diseases.

The pharmaceutical industry seems more willing to manage symptoms.

But, while that may be the case, it’s too easy to simply blame big pharma. The health problems in the 21st century are more endemic and part of the culture than some would like to admit.

The practice of medicine has begun to address this deep and underlying problem in an essential way.


Functional Medicine

Functional medicine — an approach to patient care that targets the underlying causes of illness rather than treatment of symptoms — has been gaining national attention over the last decade. In 1991, the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) was founded to train health care practitioners in what was then a novel concept: focusing on the patient — his or her unique biochemistry and environment — rather than the symptoms and complaints that can be addressed in the space of a six-minute office visit.

Today, more than 100,000 clinicians have participated in IFM programs, and the effect is becoming widespread. In September 2014, the renowned Cleveland Clinic became the first large facility to offer the functional medicine model to patients when CEO Toby Cosgrove opened the doors to the Center for Functional Medicine. Will the future be functional? Cosgrove and many others believe it will.


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Cardiac Procedures At The Cleveland Clinic


Cleveland Clinic is an academic medical centre that is managed by doctors. Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit organization which has a lot of rewards, and years of experience. Highly qualified staff of the best professionals is the pride of the Cleveland Clinic. The Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute is responsible for cardiac procedures performed at the Cleveland Clinic. It is the largest cardiovascular centres in the U.S.
Why is it better to choose Cleveland Clinic for cardiac procedures?
All of the doctors, nurses, and technicians have the best educational qualifications and members of professional organizations. Millions of people have been already treated at the Cleveland Clinic. These professionals have had years of experience in treating heart diseases.

Any prospective or current patient has the most up to date information to choose the best option for the treatment necessary.

The Cleveland Clinic is known for many different specialties. One of the most well known is their cardiology program. Patients from all over the world come to middle America to be treated by the best.
What are the cardiac procedures performed at the Cleveland Clinic?

The type of cardiac procedure performed depends on the illness needed to be cured. The Cleveland Clinic offers the following services:
1. Achalasia treatment. Three procedures may be used for achalasia diagnostic. They are: manomenty, endoscopy, and barium swallow. The next procedures are used for achalasia treatment: medication, surgery, and balloon dilation. Medication is the best option for those who can be cured with the help of surgery and balloon dilation. Botox injections are used for this purpose. Balloon dilation is a non-invasive method. The last possible way is traditional surgical approach;
2. Aneurysm treatment. Traditional open surgery is performed in this case;
3. Aorta related diseases treatment: aorta surgery, complex aorta surgery, valve preserving surgery, heart surgery, surgery for thoracic aortic aneurysm, abdominal aortic aneurysm treatment;
4. Coronary artery disease. Cardiac catheterization is used for disease evaluation, while interventional procedures aimed at coronary artery disease treatment;
5. Atherosclerosis Atherectomy
6. Atherosclerosis Endarterectomy — plaque is removed from the blood vessel by means of open surgery;
7. Bronchoscopy ;
8. Bypass surgery is a method of treatment for coronary artery;
9. Cardioversion is used for restoring heart rhythm and rate to normal;
10. Carotid artery aneurysm surgery;
11. Sclerotherapy is used for varicose veins treatment;
12. Thoracentesis or pleural fluid analysis
13. Heart Failure Surgery — the following procedures belong here: heart transplant, coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery, valve surgery;
14. Catheter ablation is a treatment for cardiac arrhythmia or dysrhythmia;
15. Mediastinal surgery — several types of procedures form mediastinal surgery. They are: biopsy procedures, surgery approaches including surgery with minimal invasion;
16. Lifevest is a special garment that is aimed at controlling patient’s heart rhythm;
17. Pacemaker implant is a defibrillator that creates electrical impulses to the heart in order to support necessary heart rhythm;
18. Endovascular Grafting is way of aortic aneurysm treatment that is minimally invasive;
19. Atrial Fibrillation — this is not normal heart rhythm that is usually treated by means of surgery or robotically-assisted catheter ablation;
20. Pericardiectomy
21. Endovenous Thermal Ablation — modern laser technology used for venous diseases cure;
22. Lung volume reduction surgery
23. Valve repair
24. Vein ligation and stripping
25. Video-assisted thoracic surgery is also a modern way of surgical treatment with minimal invasion;
26. Robotically assisted atrial septal defect repair
27. Robotically assisted coronary bypass surgery
28. Robotically assisted heart surgery
29. Robotically assisted removal of cardiac tumors
30. Robotically assisted mitral valve repair
31. Robotically assisted tricuspid valve repair
32. Robotically assisted patent foramen ovale removal
33. Pulmonary vein ablation procedure also called pulmonary vein antrum isolation;
34. Lead Extraction — two approaches are used for this: subclavian and femoral
35. Pericardiocentesis
36. Subfascial endoscopic perforator surgery for chronic venous ulcers treatment
37. Valve transposition for venous disease
38. Visceral artery aneurysm surgery
39. Percutaneous and endoscopic interventions
All of the cardiac procedures performed at the Cleveland Clinic are the best in the U.S. Before becoming a patient of a clinic, it is necessary to find out whether patient is an appropriate person for a particular service.

Patients will be asked to provide all of the information regarding any previous diseases and/or medications you’ve had. Also important is any info about allergies to anything including some medications. In some cases it is obligatory to take X-rays, MRIs, or, do some lab or other tests to check your health status.

Any patient is free to ask as many questions as needed. The professionals at the facility are among the most knowledgeable in the world and are very patient focused.

Always At The Top

The Cleveland Clinic is one of America’s premiere health institutions. Medical staff have been at the forefront of developing new technologies and approaches to common as well as rare health conditions.

The Clinic also does a lot for the Cleveland community in general but also serves as a teaching hospital for Case Western Reserve, an elite educational university located in the midwest.